Starium PLC is a reliable professional accounting and business service provider in Estonian market. We have operated in Tallinn since 2007 and we have in-depth knowledge of Estonian market.

Our objective is to provide our customers with compact selection of various services, in order to reduce customer’s workload and help them to focus on their main activity.

By using our services, the customers can cut their expenditure on staff (accountants and personnel workers). We also offer solutions for full-scale re-organising the work of  Management.

Main line of business of Starium PLC is the provision of accounting service, but we can extend the services according to the customer’s needs. As a commited partner we will solve all problems in a quick and operative manner.  

What we offer:

• Accounting in Estonia
• Tax consulting in Estonia
• Tax representation in Estonia
• Setting up a company in Estonia
• A ready-made company in Estonia
• Organising the management of the company
• Activity licence registration
• Search for cooperation partners in Estonia and in Scandinavia
• Temporary or contractual management of the company

We are sure, that after examining our list of services you can find a way to save time and money, and make the operation of your company even more efficient.