Setting up a company in Estonia

In Estonia we offer services related to setting up businesses as well as ready-made companies.

Setting up a company in Estonia

We help our clients with the setting up of private limited companies (OÜ/PLC) in Estonia. For a company starting business in Estonia we offer start-up package, which contains establishment of a company (OÜ/PLC), registration in Estonian Tax and Customs Board, opening a bank account, consulting and accounting services for the first three months. The price of the start-up package starting from €700 (VAT 0%). Further details and activities required from the new owner shall be given to the new owner.

A ready-made company in Estonia

When you concider of buying a ready-made company in Estonia, we can also mediate comapnies that have already been in operation in Estonia.

For new customers our accounting service is provided on very favourable terms during the first months of operation.

It is easy and carefree to start business by using the services provided by Starium. We are a reliable partner for our customers in Estonia